Fiber Reactive Dye - For Tie Dyeing, Shibori, Batik, Ice Dyeing, Low Immersion, Tray Dyeing, Etc.

Fabric Dye Company's original line of fiber reactive dyes.  They are formulated for cotton, rayon, linen, bamboo, and all plant (cellulose) fibers but are also effective for silk, a protein fiber.  We have displayed our cotton and silk samples below so that you can see both results that are possible using our dyes.  The swatches show a traditional (soda ash soak) method on cotton and silk, and a microwave (acid soak) method on silk.  We produce our dyes daily, mixing unique colors by hand in large batches.  They are all stock colors that can be purchased in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 1 lb.  [Some of the colors are marked homogenous, which means they are simple dyes without mixture.] 

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